This instruction is at the moment only available in English. Translations to Finnish, Islandic, Norwegian and Swedish will be added later.

Accessibility Statement for Nordisk eTax

Nordisk eTax ( is committed under EN 301 549 Standard to ensure digital accessibility for people with disabilities.

The Danish Tax Agency, The Finnish Tax Administration, Iceland Revenue and Customs, The Norwegian Tax Administration and The Swedish Tax Agency is controlling the webpage in a joint arrangement. The webpage provides information about taxation in the Nordic countries.

Nordisk eTax was published in 2005 and has not been changed in the design since, because of this, the webpage today does not meet the requirements of the EN 301 549 Standard. No later than spring 2021 we expect to publish a new website that will comply with the web accessibility. We have evaluated the page our self, combined a digital program that has informed more about the errors at the pages. We will take this into consideration and make sure that we comply completely with the standards at the new webpage.

The users of Nordisk eTax can send feedback or questions to:

We will try to respond within 14 days.