National Register

You have to report your move when you move to or from Norway.

When you move to Norway

If you plan to live in Norway for more than six months, you must report your move to Norway no later than eight days after your arrival.

Everyone who is required to report their move to Norway must appear in person at one of the tax offices that perform ID checks. This also applies to Norwegian citizens who are returning to Norway. When you are moving to Norway with your family all family members must appear in person at the tax office.

You do not need to report that you are moving to Norway if you will stay in Norway for less than six months. However, if you intend to work in Norway, you must appear in person at the tax office in order to receive a tax deduction card and an identification number (D-number). The same applies to people who are staying in Norway due to work, and who are commuting to a country within the EEA area.

The type of documentation you will need depend on where you come from.

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When you move to another Nordic country

If you are moving to another Nordic country, you shall report your move only in the country you are moving to.

Personal ID number

Everyone who is registered in the National Register as being resident in Norway is assigned a personal ID number. The personal ID number consists of the person's date of birth and a personal ID number (total of 11 digits).

Persons assigned an ID number retain the same number and must use this number in all future communication with the Norwegian authorities.


Persons who are not registered as resident in the Norwegian National Register, but who intend to work in Norway, will be assigned a D-number in connection with the issuing of a tax deduction card. This does not apply to people who already have a Norwegian personal ID number or a D-number. The D-number is an identification number that is used in communication with Norwegian authorities and, for example, when you open a bank account with a Norwegian bank.

If you are staying in Norway for more than six months and you are not a commuter, you must notify the Norwegian Tax Administration and register in the National Register as being resident in Norway. You will then be assigned a Norwegian personal ID number.