Population register, Personal identity number

Personal identity number

Every person residing in Finland has a Finnish personal ID issued either by the Population Register Centre or the Local Register Office. You can also ask the Tax Administration to issue the personal ID to you if you need it for a tax-related reason such as because you have started working. In Finland, it is not the mission of the Tax Administration to keep the population registration. In order to receive the personal identify number you should visit your local tax office personally.  

The personal ID consists of ten characters.  The first six characters refer to the date of birth.  Example:  By looking at the ID 010946-xxxx, we can easily see that the holder of this ID was born 1 September 1946.  Personal IDs are issued for life. 

Being the identifier of the individual taxpayer, the personal ID has a primary role in taxation.


How to notify the authorities

If you move to Finland or away from Finland you should submit a Notification of Move to the Local Register Office.

File your change of address at posti.fi/changeaddress.