Do you live in Sweden and own real estate or have a tenant-owner's flat in another Nordic country?

This information is addressed to you if you are resident in Sweden and have a tenant-owner's flat (you own a share or participation which carries the right of use of a dwelling) or a one-family or two-family property (detached or semi-detached house) in another Nordic country which you yourself or those close to you use wholly or partially for permanent residence or as a vacation home, i.e. a private residence.

Assessment for tax in Sweden

You are assessed in Sweden for your private residence abroad. The private residence is assessed in accordance with Swedish rules, irrespective of how it is assessed abroad. If you are also assessed in the country where the private residence is situated you may obtain a reduction of the Swedish tax by  a tax credit of the foreign tax.

Income from letting

If you let your private residence in another Nordic country, the income you receive from this will be assessed in Sweden.

Sale of private residence

If you sell the private residence you own in another Nordic country, you must pay tax on the sale in the same way as if it had been situated in Sweden. Profit or loss is calculated in the same way as for Swedish private residences.

There is however a special provision for calculating the acquisition cost for one-family or two-family houses which have been acquired before 1952. The acquisition cost may be calculated on a standard basis as the market value of the property in 1952. If certain conditions are satisfied, it is possible to obtain postponement of the profit.

Property charge

As from 1 January 2008 no real estate tax or local property charge will be paid in Sweden on private residences abroad.

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