Do you live in another Nordic country and own shares etc. in Sweden?

This applies to persons resident in another Nordic country who own shares in a Swedish company or units in Swedish investment trusts. This information deals only with taxation of income from shares and units in investment trusts.


Taxation in Sweden

If you draw a dividend on Swedish shares you are taxed in Sweden with coupon tax. The coupon tax is withheld when the dividend is paid and no tax return has to be submitted in Sweden. The coupon tax on income from dividends to persons resident abroad is normally 30 % but under the Nordic tax treaty the tax imposed is limited to 15 %.  (If you are regarded as having unlimited liability for tax in Sweden, for example by virtue of essential connection with Sweden, you must submit a tax return in Sweden. You then pay capital tax on the dividend but this should only amount to 15 % against the normal 30 %.)

If coupon tax has been incorrectly withheld at too high a rate, 30 % instead of 15 %, you may request repayment of this tax from the tax office in Ludvika. The application must be made on form SKV 3740. If ordinary preliminary tax of 30 % has been incorrectly withheld, you should inform the bank that you are no longer resident in Sweden.


By dividend is also meant return on units in investment trusts (e.g. share funds, mixed funds and bond funds).

Taxation in the country of residence

Share dividends from a Swedish company are also taxable in your country of residence. You can avoid double taxation by requesting a tax credit in your home country for the tax paid in Sweden.

Capital gains

If you have capital gains from the sale of Swedish listed shares or units in Swedish trusts there will be no taxation in Sweden if you have never been resident in Sweden. Taxation of capital gains takes place in your country of residence in accordance with the internal rules of that country.

If you have been resident in Sweden capital gains on sale of shares in Swedish companies are taxable in Sweden if sale takes place in the year when you take up residence in another Nordic country under the Nordic tax treaty or in the five years following. The same applies to sale of units in Swedish investment trusts if you have unlimited liability for tax, for example because of essential connections in Sweden after leaving. Your country of residence also has the right to tax the capital gains on sale of shares in Swedish companies or units in Swedish trusts. If taxation of the capital gain takes place in both Sweden and your country of residence you avoid double taxation by claiming a tax credit in your country of residence of the tax that has been paid in Sweden.

In Sweden capital gains are taxed as income from capital and the rate is 30 % (special rules apply to unlisted shares and units and to shares in close companies). If you have sold some shares at a profit and some at a loss you have the right to set off the whole loss against the profit. If after set off you have a loss you may make a deduction of 70 % for that. There is more information on taxation and how you calculate the capital gain in Sweden in the brochure "Försäljning av aktier" [Sale of Shares] (SKV 332), which may be found on skatteverket.

A tax return must be submitted in Sweden when you are to be taxed on capital gains in Sweden.


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