Population register


If you move to Sweden and attend to live here for at least a year, you should normally be registered for population purposes in Sweden. If you leave Sweden and are going to be abroad for at least a year you should normally no longer be registered for population purposes in Sweden. You register your migration into or out of Sweden to the Swedish Tax Agency. Read more about population registration at skatteverket.

Personal identity number

Everybody who is registered in Sweden for population registration purposes is given a personal identity number. The number consists of ten digits. The first six digits indicates the date of birth (year, month, day) and the last four are check digits.

A person who has once been given a personal identity number will keep that number for life.

Co-ordination number

For those who neither are nor have been registered for population registration purposes in Sweden, a co-ordination number may be used. The purpose of such a number is to enable authorities and others to identify people who are not registered for population purposes. The Swedish Tax Agency gives a co-ordination number when a person is to be registered for tax.

A co-ordination number consists, like a personal identity number, of ten digits, where the figure for the day of birth is increased by 60. The number is permanent and unique. If the person later becomes registered for population registration purposes in Sweden the co-ordination number is replaced by a personal identity number.