Tax assessment notice/tax account

Tax account

All who have to pay any form of tax or charge are given a tax account with the Swedish Tax Agency. This account covers virtually all taxes and charges handled by the Agency but not deductions for the special income tax for non-residents (SINK). SINK is a tax at source that you pay on earned income, for example salary and pension, for people with limited tax liability.

The tax account shows a summary of your tax payments, your preliminary tax as shown by income statements and your final tax as shown by your final notice of assessment etc.

As a private individual, you will usually only have transactions with the tax account once a year, at the time of your final tax. Whether your you or your employer pay your tax is paid by your employer or if you pay itby yourself, the tax that is paid in regularly during the year should as far as possible correspond to your final tax.

Tax assessment notice

When your tax return has been inspectedinspected, your final tax is calculated. The result of the calculation is showsn on your final notice of assessment.

Not everybody receives Tthe final notice of assessment is not received by everybody at the same time. The notices are sent out on four different occasions: in April, June, August, September and or in December. If you live abroad you will receive your final notice of assessment in December. If you have to report business activity. partner/manager of a close company you will also in most cases receive your final notice of assessment in December. If the Tax Authority have investigated your tax return there will be sent a decision when the investigation is finished and in connection with that, you will also get your tax assessment notice. That means that you can get your tax assessment notice at another time than the occasions mentioned above.

If you pay SINK-tax you will instead get an information sent to you about how much SINK-tax you have paid during the income year, by the latest December 15 of the following year. The first time this information is in December 2022.

Too little tax paid in

If the final tax is higher than the tax that has been paid in during the year (by your employer or by yourself) you must pay in the amount owing. There is a daily calculation of Tthe interest on the debt is calculated daily. You have approximately 90 days in which to pay from the date of the decision as shown on the final notice of assessment.

If you expect that the deficit on the tax account will amount to not more than SEK 30 000 you will avoid interest expenses if you pay in this amount so that it is booked in the Swedish Tax Agency's plus giro or bank giro account before May 3 in the year of assessment. If you expect the deficit on the tax account to exceed SEK 30 000 you must pay in the excess so that it is booked in the Swedish Tax Agency's plus giro or bank giro account not later than 12 February in the year of assessment. You then avoid paying interest expenses on this portion.

If you make a payment to your tax account from another country, you can get information how to do this at .

Too much tax paid in

If you have paid in too much taxtax, you will receive a refund if the account statement from your tax account you receive with the final notice of assessment shows a surplus of at least SEK 100. If the surplus is less than SEK 100, the amount will remain in your tax account.

If yYou have to given the Swedish Tax Agency notice of a bank account giro or plus giro to get your money back automaticallyaccount the money will be paid into this account. Otherwise, the money will stay in your tax account until you request a payment you will receive a giro cheque for the amount. If you receive a refund with a giro cheque it is important to have given the Swedish Tax Agency the right address so the refund can be sent to you. and when you do that you have to report a bank account, Swedish or foreign, to get your payment. You can get further information how you report at .